The day in Shorts

  • There really were a lot of losers on the e40 around 8.20! Frustration! #
  • @nocturn He s amazing 🙂 & check out the ears and the tale! #
  • tale? Tale??? Tail! #
  • Im cold right now.. but the guy by the huge open window is there in a TShirt, so its obviously something to do with me :s I think :s #
  • Dirty java stuffs #
  • Bad @nocturn , Bad Nocturn! Put down the Java. Put It Down!!! Lets agree its very icky & not for dwelling, playing or even considering! #
  • Hell yeah! @gdk A mutation that was then made to mutate even some more (originally only 1 ear curled, now 2 do) Its TMNT all over again 🙂 #
  • @nocturn the only good Java .. is Coffee! .. Ok well no, AjAX is actually super exciting & all that. Its just my wonderful Java allergy 🙂 #
  • @nocturn its already too much #
  • Good point, @gdk ! I’ll make a note on that 🙂 #
  • yes, @nocturn , please do! #
  • Considering getting my grandmom a laptop. Not because she needs one or has any use for it.. Im just curious if she d be able to use Ubuntu #
  • Oh for FUCKS SAKE!!! #
  • Great succes #

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