In Memoriam – Eva

This has really been a fucking disgusting weekend! We spent hours in the hospital and while I dont mind being there; I dont like Why we need to be there 😦

But that wasnt all of it, this morning, as we descended; we discovered our litle Eva dead. 😦 Our poor little cat was dead downstairs, next to her basket.


We got her nearly a year ago and have loved her Dearly! She was only a year old and had a tough life. It started by being dumped in a box on a graveyard, moved to the Kattenboot in Gent, She was happy within our home (or at least we believe her to have been), and finally died in our home today 😦 We hope she didnt suffer in her last hours but we do believe she must’ve felt loved. We both cuddled her yesterday night, so..

She was always a bit weird a cat, so when we found signs of a cat being sick, we couldnt tell which cat it was. And because of our other worries, we werent able to get her to the vet 😦 We had no clue anything was wrong 😦

They were Sooo cute together .. :/

Ive got the feeling that Rouso is actually looking around the house for her. And Im taking him to the doctor tomorrow to make sure the same doesnt happen to him.

It was really weird.
She just Dropped Dead :/
She was still cuddling us yesterday night. Being her own weird self.

She was so cute, any time one of us sat down in the chair; she came running for us and nestled herself on our lap. for hours if necessary 🙂 If not on our laps; she lay in her reet basket or on the high spot of the cat pole.

She s dearly missed 😦 Our little weird cat 😥


Our pretty lil Eva cat!

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