State of the day

  • The Freezer
    I just threw away the entire contents of our HUGE freezer. I discovered the contents to be all warm & well .. not frozen. :/ And utterly unsafe for human consumption since we had No idea how long its been like that 😦 We only salvaged the 5 pizzas we ate tonight..
    At least all the ice in there is gone now..
  • Dara
    Dara, the Xen server, is up & running 🙂
  • bind: dara.amber
    including the necessary bind config 🙂
  • Sispm 4
    apparently my sispm power block is already damaged :/ The 4th socket led is apparently broken. Last thing I can try is maybe disconnect it & connect it again. And if that doesnt do it, I’ll have to look into the waranty for this thing..
  • Xen child
    The xen child is ready but wont start yet. I might solve that tonight and if not, tomorrow!

Last try & the sleeps!

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