Burton Supermodel X

Im quite tired now because we went for some Insane board testing on the slopes 🙂 hehe

We started teaching Thomas to snowboard and he turned out to be a Real pro 🙂 He still has a long way to go, but after 2 hours and a lot of pain he was able to do quite some stuffs.. No real complete turns yet, but..

Asfor my awsome board 🙂 Ive been boarding around with a flexy board for too long & just after half a slope I knew this would up my game 🙂 Its an amazing board 🙂 I did notice I cant really pull off some of the stuff I used to do with the flexi board, resulting in some weird and unexpected falls on moments I usually pushed my cool trough the difficulties 🙂 So, up my game I will, perfectc the art is what I shall do, ..

Im looking forward to some real slopes though.. Snowboarding in a huge fridge in Landsgraaf; even though its the biggest Fridge around; isnt really All that.

SO yeah, I guess its countdown to the new season. ETA some 6 to 7 months!

And I want to go to a huge French domain or someplace big in Italy.

Fun! Fun! Fun! 🙂

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