The day in Shorts

  • Anyone interested in that dent bot I mentioned earlier; check out my mate 🙂 #
  • @bdeferme chap, that just sounds Really wrong :p (imagine the wrong as the Depeche Mode sample..) #
  • @bdeferme Did you read it? Do you Live by it? #
  • @bdeferme .. I might read it when I run out of good books to read :s Considering I even havent read the linux exposed, that wont happen soon #
  • gNote is still quite quirky though :/ Weird behavings 😦 #
  • That being said, @oberon is denting away just lovely 🙂 #
  • @gdk Be glad you didnt post that on any blog. Posting anything on #Gnote is like sprinkling Mono dust; Evangelists pop up seconds later! #
  • @bdeferme How cute, they posted nearly simultaneous 😉 LOL! #
  • @bdeferme ni al uwen @apollo zijn msgs zijn even duidelijk ze :p #
  • @gdk LOL! Glad to inspire 🙂 #
  • @gdk by the way, you should answer my last email :p #

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