The day in Shorts

  • What to do with people who use arguments like ‘you’re stuck in a mindset that I don’t even mention’ .. probably best to just ignore them #
  • I reeks tar here #
  • @bdeferme lol. There s an awful tar smell here & that should ve been “It reeks Tar here” You know.. #
  • What to eat, what to eat :/ #
  • @bdeferme Great! Next .. Where to eat, where to eat :/ #
  • @bdeferme that wasnt usefull at all 😦 #
  • had spaghetti. great lunch #
  • @bdeferme yes, despite your rather difficult proposal 🙂 #
  • Walking around in the city, I sometimes miss a soundhorn with an amazingly loud ‘WRONG’ sample as heard in the Depeche Mode song. #
  • Only 3 Days , 5 hours, 52 minutes till fishy watching #
  • Just had a Great idea for a fun identica bot 🙂 #
  • @nocturn hehehe 😀 I’ll keep it a surprise, if all goes well, I’ll have a go at it tonight & you ll all be able to see then 🙂 #
  • Time is DEFINITELY relative #
  • I really do like the Proximus client service. Just got a call & the told me something I do care about in a short and concise way. Nice #
  • @bdeferme Are you advising me David Allen books????????????? #
  • perl makes a difference between ` and ‘. There obviously IS a difference, but the typographical difference makes code difficult to read! #

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