No time to post

No time to post any decent posts today, because I had to reply on earlier posts comments. The 2 posts show both sides of the spectrum when it comes down to comments. The interesting & helpfull comments on the 64bit Linux post and the sad comments on my earlier Tomboy gNotes post.

Its really sad how mentioning mono sparks such a flame fest. Even when pointing that out, trying to draw attention to the attitude problem that apparently exists in the Mono community, the first reaction started off with “Honestly, I think you’re a douche.” Proving my point in a rather painful and almost comical way! I could barely believe what I read and considered it being a joke of my colleagues on my behalf. I soon leant the annonymous poster (how cowardly) to be a student from Leuven, and apparently a serious post. Its worth reading, really :/ Dont feel obliged to read my initial post though, the comments only touch on the content of that post and mostly react to what they think to have read.
Its sad really.

Luckilly, there are still decent people around, trying to help in the comment section. (cfr the 64bit post)

And to sign off on a happier note..

Anywho, I’m off to bed & looking forward to more angry words, I expect. What a pitty.

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