The day in Shorts

  • its nice to see your computer boot in 20 seconds! #
  • I actually wrote ibex instead of Jaunty Jackalope several times yesterday.. Must ve been off #
  • Words of the day; ‘genital warts?’ You can just answer that to ANYTHING! #
  • 64bit flash doesnt get installed yet. Sigh. Hope this gets solved soon :/ #
  • exaile has weird hangs; pulse audio related? #
  • apparently the quicksearch is pooped in the new versions synaptic #
  • Hooray for the fosdem 2009 vids! #
  • Today she calls me at work, I need stuff and the apothecary closes in 80 minutes. *sigh* Not sure if Ill get there in time! #
  • yesterday I tell my grandma – if you need anything, let us know, but dont do so last minute. #
  • @gdk openfiler is nice #
  • i feel sorry for not being able to be at the new ubuntu launch party :/ #
  • having patiently played the waiting game, its about time people start arriving!! #

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