The day in Shorts

  • feeding time #
  • Im happy we went for that Tasty burger. Best veggy food Evar! And now is Coffee time! #
  • @bdeferme Quit that, you ll get a sunstroke! #
  • @bdeferme Seves ist Dr Zoidbert van kleureke! 🙂 #
  • Im not that happy with the law on Koppelverkoop! A good law down the drain probably because Van Quickenborne got some Iphones from Apple #
  • Ok, Apparently its a European thing, but they ve been talking about it since last year, so I still suspect foul play #
  • Fuckers. More free reign to corporate rulership #
  • Welcome the American principle where phone a b & c are connected to provider z and phone e&f only available to provider x customers #
  • Im royally pissed now. Im off for coffee #
  • Say hello to vendor lock in and Jailbreaking. Motherfuckers! Are our “chosen leaders” really no more than puppets for the company interests? #
  • @nocturn I dont know what political parties to blame but to be honest expect none of them to be above or beyond! #
  • @nocturn Free Markey ey.. In my book, that does mean free for the company AND the customers! And this does not fit that. Grr #
  • Its amazing how saying anything negative @ mono sparks such extraordinary amount of noise. Its like throwing a bone to several ravenous dogs #
  • bash scripting really opens a world of evill stuffs to anyone proficient in it 😀 #
  • European parliament has extended copyright to 70 years? This is a sad day! #
  • off to install the new Ubuntu. Cant wait to see the boot times with ext4 🙂 #
  • install done about 10 minutes ago.. the boot times are indeed IMPRESSIVE!!! #

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