Watch stuff while working

I just read a funny article about “Where’s Your Coding Happy Place?” and the following looked familiar 🙂

6) Couch:

When I think of “couch coding” the visual always includes a TV on. The TV provides nice background noise that many developers need to concentrate.

And I believe developers are innately wired to multitask. Having the latest episode of The Simpsons on keeps them plugged into the latest pop culture. Or they may prefer the National Geographic channel to learn about the history of the universe. I just don’t see most developers sitting on a couch in a dark, silent room. If you know of any, perhaps they should be on some sort of watch list. – Where’s Your Coding Happy Place?

I’m watching a serie as I’m writing this & going through feeds n shit 🙂

And there s a HUGE cat just Working at attention.. lying on my arm, between me & the laptop. Pawing at the keyboard..

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