I usually dont post much about this I guess. Not much reason to either. But if there s ever been a post of mine that belongs in the “life” category ..

When I was 14 to .. well, later, I sometimes didnt understand my dad. I had just seen a great horror flick & I was telling him how great it was. And he didnt care. I told him it was really good & worth seeing and he told me he had seen them all and didnt need to see any more of them. I didnt get it, how can you grow tired of a genre when there s still so many stories to be told in it.

I must be growing older because I get it now.

Ive quit movies that make me feel bad, movies that make me feel sad, movies that purvey melancholy, .. I want positive feelings and the rest I just dont want to be influenced into feeling. And Ive stopped watchin horror flicks too, ironically šŸ™‚

The horror flicks mainly because of the cheap effects. The stories arent horific most of the time, its the way they are filmed. Take the ring.. (preferably the original japanese version) and compare it to any recent hollywood horror flick. If you re open to the possibility; you ll see that there is a big differende between the two. Most recent films take a mediocre story, not horrific in itself and create the horror by using cheap effects. Hiding the monster, the right music, darkness, flashes of light, .. all cheap parlour tricks, but no real art anymore. You could take about any story, apply those effects and create “horror”. Im a stories guy..

Asfor the sadness.. You need all emotions equally in life. You need the sadness, the happyness, the anger, .. to be able to put all of them in perspective and to be .. happy šŸ™‚ And I’ve had enough sadness the last few years. If I need sadness or melancholy to balance out the happy moments, I can just open a fresh can. I dont need artificial memories neatly packaged in a 90 to 120 minutes format.
Its also that the whole thing has eroded my buffer. I was really sad after watching Benjamin Button. Its a wonderfull movie, but its just So tragic and sad. And not the blown up over the top kind of tragic and I guess that makes it even worse. I’m all for movies & discovering new stories, but Button was a story that I didnt feel like seeing because I knew what it d do to me .. and knowing what I know now.. would gladly skip upon. Its 166 minutes that I would gladly spend watching some brainless action movie (like the new and Excelent Fast & Furious) instead. Gladly sacrificing the story, his wonderfull and melancholy affaire with Tilda Swinson, his boating days, .. And maybe watch it some time later, when ive wasted through my suply of sadness and need a new infusion. But not now.

Ive been aware of this for some time now.. I dont need, even possibly cant take those feelings. So I’ll pass on them for the time being. Well, the artificial ones at least.. The ones I can really choose to pass on. And focus on the happy, frivolous, joyous, .. ones.

Maybe in a year or 5.
Or maybe 10..
Or maybe longer …

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One thought on “Feelings..

  1. Hollywood Horror films are nowadays marketed to the 18-35yo male demographic. We are growing out of that, especially since real quality or innovation in the genre is rare and we become more critical as we grow older.
    The classic horror stories are not about gore or blood or open wounds, they are about unknown terror. Rosemary’s Baby, Ringu, any story by Lovecraft or Poe, paintings by Bosch or Bacon – those are the masterpieces of horror.
    As I wrote elsewhere some time age, I would like to see more horror films made for a more mature and discriminating audience. I plan to write at least one or two scripts myself, and hope to collaborate on a horror film for a company based in Florida in 2010.

    As for watching only films that make you feel good, I know the sentiment. I stopped being too accepting of films with a pro-death theme a long time ago, for example. Life is for celebrating, not for grousing.


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