The day in Shorts

  • @dimii83 Congratz on the move to Ubuntu, keep us posted on how it all works out for you 😉 #
  • I just took a sip & scratched my arm. #
  • I just had to wait about an hour for the blandest overcooked Spaghetti Carbonara I ever ate! #
  • Oh & a coffee that initially tasted interesting yet soon after turned out to be colored water! #
  • Actually the whole endaevour was nothing more than an expensive waste of time. At least it was nourishing.. #
  • There is no decent way to do that. None what so ever. And that SUCKS! #
  • brassero wont burn my audio cd. How queer :/ #
  • Jammin’ ! #
  • @dimii83 Stabiel is geen verrassing; hoe lukt t weerk? Lukt dat of mist ge daar toch nog Windows? #
  • I just now realised how aptly chosen a name windows is. WINDows is an apt name for the huge bag of wind they created! #
  • DAMN, Im Good! #
  • Whats with people sending ME messages intended for their partners?? #
  • Damn I hope nobody ever Sexts me by mistake :/ That could turn out quite gross since its mostly my male friends that make that mistake 😦 #
  • @dimii83 ne klassieker.. en stoort t u genoeg om terug te gaan? 🙂 #
  • fin dei #
  • The pond didnt look clearer.. untill I saw all that fish where there used to be only murky green.. Cool! #
  • @gregorydk ROFL at Windows remark! 😀 #

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