Im back

Ive been computer free for some 10 days. Feels right.

We covered a huge amount of slopes the last week. Snowboarding was good. I cant wait till next time.. I’ll have to do something about my shape though.. As the people surrounding me pick up the pace, I’m starting to feel the lack of exercise.

We ve got outrageous videos. First time we took a cam along & it was a good idea.

I recieved all my eBay buys last week. Funfun!

Amazon is fucking me over – i’m looking into buying that book through different channels..

There s talk of doom.. :s

Rouso is outside, on a leech, lying around where Vi is working.

I finished the Watchmen comic. Great read! I might go n see the movie for a second time.

And I bought a new snowboard. While bringing back Bios rental at the West Site in Gent; we stumled upon a Burton Super Model X. 2nd hand after 2 weeks of snowboarding and at about half the price. Since thats one of Burtons Top boards.. thats a bargain 😉 And for several reasons I’ll undoubtedly go into later; I bought the board! Cant wait to ride it.

We re probably going for some indoor riding on the 3rd of may!

My knees are still very tired. They ll have to recuperate by the 3rd!

We saw Fast and Furious 4 yesterday. Entertaining.

We were treated like criminals at the cinema yesterday. With scary piracy notions for about 10 minutes.. The film started late. Not all that entertaining.

If you spot a pirate, you can send an sms to the cinema. To help them keep the intellectual movie property safe. Security people will barge in and screw up your expensive (€8 and counting) theater experience with a Nasty scene.. Dragging who knows who out by the hair, smashing gear, all around nasty. That sms will cost you €0.10

& now its time to close the lid on this Computaar again. My wife is in the garden, the sun is out and the fish are hungry.

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