73 lifts, An estimated 153 Km of slopes

We had a great Snowboard trip last week. Kronplatz was great and the Sella Ronda was AMAZING! And now thanks to rfid & networking technology, you can check the stats from your own home 🙂 Amazing! the dolomitisuperski.com page has a tool that lets you input your skipass nr & continues to show you your stats 🙂 Its amazing! A lil rundown..

Date: 04-04-2009
Nr of Lifts: 3
Height difference: 2.364 mt
Slopes lenght estimation: 9 Km

  1. Kronplatz 1
  2. Ruis
  3. Ruis

Our first lil day.. Couldnt do much more since we lost half the day in trafic jams :/ But it was a nice warm up 🙂

Date: 05-04-2009
Nr of Lifts: 10
Height difference 4.077 mt
Slopes lenght estimation 21 Km

  1. Kronplatz 1
  2. Pre da Peres
  3. Miara
  4. Col Toron
  5. Miara
  6. Col Toron
  7. Rara
  8. Costa
  9. Ruis
  10. Ruis

The first full Kronplatz day! Hooray

Date: 06-04-2009
Nr of Lifts: 13
Height difference 6.029 mt
Slopes lenght estimation 29 Km

  1. Korer
  2. Kronplatz 1
  3. Belvedere
  4. Marchner
  5. Belvedere
  6. Marchner
  7. Belvedere
  8. Pre da Peres
  9. Col Toron
  10. Costa
  11. Ruis
  12. Olang I
  13. Belvedere

The second Real Cronplatz day.. Picking up the pace!

Date: 07-04-2009
Nr of Lifts: 13
Height difference 3.184 mt
Slopes lenght estimation 20 Km

  3. PLANS
  4. Segg.Val Setus
  5. Segg.Cir
  6. Manovia Micky Mouse
  7. Skilift Larciunei
  8. Cab.Ciampinoi
  9. Segg.Piz Seteur
  10. Segg.Citta Dei Sassi
  11. Segg.Sasso Levante

A first attempt at the Green Sella Ronda. It turned out to be to challenging for our skier & the trip exhausted her for the rest of the week. Better luck next time 😦 We completed the Sella Ronda that day though the last part, Arabba to the starting point was done by Taxi instead of on the snow. And a spectacular taxi ride at that!

Date: 08-04-2009
Nr of Lifts: 14
Height difference: 3.966 mt
Slopes lenght estimation 23 Km

  3. PLANS
  4. Segg.Val Setus
  5. Segg.Cir
  6. Cab.Ciampinoi
  7. Segg.Piz Seteur
  8. Segg.Citta Dei Sassi
  9. Segg.Sasso Levante
  12. Segg.BURZ
  13. Segg.LE PALE

The second attempt at the Sella! Me & Vi completed the ronda in about 4 hours of relaxed boarding. Its a nice trip!

Date: 09-04-2009
Nr of Lifts: 10
Height difference: 5.939 mt
Slopes lenght estimation: 26 Km

  1. Kronplatz 2000
  2. Gipfelbahn
  3. Kronplatz 2
  4. Alpen 2
  5. Olang II
  6. Sonne
  7. Ruis
  8. Gipfelbahn
  9. Gipfelbahn
  10. Kronplatz 1

Back to the Kronplatz; an easy day for the people.. Bio came in by noon & Vi had a sun & relaxation day.. fun fun 🙂

Date: 10-04-2009
Nr of Lifts: 10
Height difference: 5.324 mt
Slopes lenght estimation: 26 Km

  1. Kronplatz 2000
  2. Pre da Peres
  3. Miara
  4. Miara
  5. Col Toron
  6. Costa
  7. Ruis
  8. Ruis
  9. Kronplatz 1
  10. Kronplatz 2

The last day. We had had the best of the snow by then and it was pretty much muck by then. So we snowed around some, Bio calling it quits early afternoon & Me and Vi quitting at about 3. We had a great last lil run there, but the snow just wasnt good enough anymore..

A fun trip all n all.. Watch this space for some video reports 😉 So yeah.. an estimated 153 KM of slopes last week. I think thats a relaxed nr for an experienced boarder, but quite the feat for the people following me 😉 Apparently I dragged them through hell & back 😉 ehe No wonder my knees need a bit of recuperation!

And in other news.. Apparently, Ive been snowboarding for about 8 years now, which makes this my 13th week of Snowboarding fun. Not counting the indoor days.. Not bad ay 😉 And I’ve got some freeride skills to show for it. I’ll be taking some local lessons though next year. I want a pro to tell me if there s any mistakes left in my style, what points I need to fix next. And then I guess its on to the freestyle 😉 Although I guess my heart will stay with the freeriding.. Not for nothing that I got myself a sparkling pretty freeride board 😉 a Burton Supermodel X!

Burton Supermodel X

And after a week of ripping, I now know why I paid that much for those fancy Burton SLX boots I now ride with!

Burton SLX Boots

Worth every cent. Very handy & comfy!

I am becoming quite the Burton boy though.. My Burton IPod Cargo vest (god I love that thing! Keeps me sooooooo dry), my Ronin Transition pants (thats a burton brand), the Burton Combo Gloves, my burton SLX boots (Jummy Comfy Sweet) and now my Burton Supermodel X Board.. Thank god I still have my wonderful Flow Amp 05-FR binds!

I’ll be keeping the old Oxygen Quantum board though.. Its still a great board and it ll serve me well on those days when I risk damaging my fancy snowboard on rocks or rails 😉

Next trip: May 3rd; a fun day of Indoor snow!
Cant wait to ride the new board 😀

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