We re Pregnant

This was our 2009 April Fools’ joke – Thanks for playing along, Gert & Vi 😉

Viona just got back from the Gyno & we ve got AMAZING news!

We re pregnant 🙂

And we re Overjoyed! The due date is around the new year, so that leaves us some months to get ready for a lil one! We ve still got loads of stuff to do, plans to make.. I have to continue work now, but I couldnt keep such HUGE news to myself.. A bigger update on this tonight!

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7 thoughts on “We re Pregnant

  1. Is da niet tegen den doktoooor zijn deontologie om april’s fool jokes te maken die er dermate OVER zijn? 😉


  2. Hehe, thanks for playing along, kids, but I’m afraid this was our April Fools’ joke for this year as Kaishi so correctly pointed out..


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