The day in Shorts

  • Stuff we need for the Success of the Trip! A _camera_! We need full record of the entire endeavour #
  • Its depressing to see how easilly I can change my lifestyle to the nocturnal rythm. And scary too.. #
  • I realized earlier that I need server monitoring! And write an identica plugin for it. And use it to guarantee Interweb #
  • White Rabbit? #
  • Is everyone ready for their shot of Conficker update? Smile to the doctor, lil one, he s got plenty of medicine πŸ˜€ #
  • Its time for bed.. it mightnt be the BEST time, but its sure well due! * hums some Wagner* #
  • Your compulsions are nothing more than a simafety blanket #
  • noise noise noise #
  • Im slightly dissapointed at this Conficker thingy right now.. Where s our apocalypse?? #
  • Fuk – Ive been on one project for the last days and now I have to retrace some steps for another before I can pick it up :/ #
  • 2 Days , 3 hours, 25 minutes before we start the adventure And there s 200cm of snow atm πŸ™‚ #
  • Cant wait for autopilot in the gmail labs #
  • on to the Nalu buzz – The fruity low calorie energizer #
  • all this brocoli talk is making me nauseous #
  • Calendar terror in TBird :/ #
  • 1 Days , 18 hours, 35 minutes before we start the adventure πŸ™‚ #

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