Last ADnD Stuff

I recieved my newest ADnD stuff 🙂

  • AD & D Dungeon Master’s Screen TSR Roleplay 1989
    an end to all my ADnD Rules agony while playing.. Looked it over real quick & its AWSOME! 🙂
  • AD&D Forgotten Realms Cities of Mystery roleplay boxset
    Some cool ideas and a great wad of mini houses and all.. Its really a building kit & its nothing less than surprising! I’m not the assembling type, but this is just plain cute 😀

After this, the only ADnD stuff I’m expecting is the Ravenloft “Light in the Belfry” box 🙂 (Yes, I found one!! Without a CD though, but thats why it was even affordable :/) and that ll be the end of my ADnD collection, since I’m going for DnD 3.5 these days.. Well; last with the exception of maybe some Ravenloft scenarios 😉

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