The day in Shorts

  • blub #
  • I should adjust my daily dent digest to the real end of my day, more 5 in the morning that 12 at night #
  • Seeing someone you know from planet.grep in real life is quite surprising. Didnt introduce myself though, it wasnt fit in the situation.. #
  • €47 Barcode scanner! Hooray 🙂 #
  • hot damn, it d be cool to have a netbook look likee a real book – Penny Gadget Computer Book style #
  • And I should get some logo that I can just paste on EVERYTHING around me 😀 MAD style! #
  • Vleer & Bio are old; out of touch and behind on the tech! pfsh!! 😀 #
  • Soekris has a Voltage & Temperature monitor .. I’ll have to look into that! #
  • Spandau Ballet – Gold #
  • @gregorydk I’m actively hoping 😉 #
  • Kitchen, Food, all that #
  • DnD Rules time #
  • Using PCGen for DnD reminds me WHY I hate Java so extensively! In full color! #

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