The Oakhurst town

After the lengthly character creation process, we were finally able to start play. All things have to start somewhere, so its only to be expected we had to start with .. creation

Years ago, our valiant heroes met the Hucrele family. While learning the trade of their professions, they ran into Talgen and Sharwyn, the son and daughter of a rich Oakhurst family of traders. They became friends and soon after their ways separated. The Hucrele siblings decided they were about ready for a little adventuring, so when Sir Braford and Karakas passed through town asking about the Sunless Citadel, they didnt have to think twice about the offer to join their quest.

Mothers being what they are, Kerowyn Hucrele – the matriarch of the family, soon started worrying about their children staying away for days, turning to weeks and even months.. She figured shit hitting rotating stuff and sent a letter out to the only adventurers she knew of, friends of Talgen and Sharwyn. She wrote them asking help, telling them her children were lost in the mines and imploring them to find them or at least bring the bodies back for burrial. She tells of Goblins living in the citadel, comming to town to sell some special fruit and asks them to be present for the auction. Figuring the goblins might be able to answer some questions.

The party left for Oakhurst but, running late already, had a near lethal encounter with 2 twiggy creatures even the ranger didnt recognise. Some brave torch action, a well placed fireball and a fit of sword mastery finished the twiggy creatures. Once dead, they flared up and burnt to ashes as only dry wood can. The heroes continued on their way and soon after, the town came into view. Just in time to see the crowd dessipate after the auction.

The final delay made them miss the Goblins and after getting directions, they went to see Mrs Hucrele. Mrs Hucrele repeated what she d already written in the letter and told them about the fruit auctions. She also told about the apple seedlings dissapearing and mutilated cattle and people in the area, showing the same puncture wounds as the adventurers after the attack on the road.

After having the likeness of the wounds confirmed by the town doctor, the heroes enjoyed a hearty meal and hit the sack. A serial fit of paranoia (making them board up the doors and windows of their rooms) and a boring, uneventful night later, they woke up revitalised and ready for some adventuring.

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