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I’m almost there 3.5 wise..

The leather bound player is on the shelf and so are the Ravenloft Setting and the Return to the temple of ellemental evil ; I got a leather player guide, a leather DM guide & a regular player guide ready in the post from the post office today; I’ve ordered an Expedition to Castle Ravenloft from Amazon and I’m looking to get a Sunless Citadel scenario from eBay.

And with that I have what I need for times to come.. Certainly since I plan to play old ravenloft scenarios 😉 The only things I do still want / need are

  • DnD Monster Manual (Preferably leather bound to go with the others 😉 )
  • DnD Dungeon Master screen
  • DnD Ravenloft Master screen

so Hooray for the adventures to come!

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