I got a nice compliment yesterday

I was talking to someone when a horrific scene came to my mind. A person murdered, hung above a high staircase and bled dry.. And as it struck me; I told the guy I was talking to about it; telling him.. yeah, imagine

You enter trough the door downstairs and start going up as usual; when you notice a bit of dry crusted blood on the stairs; you conrinue on up and on the second floor there s also some blood, but a bit more; you continue on to the 3rd floor where you see traces of a blood waterfall down the side of the stairs; giving you a creeping feeling something is horribly wrong. You just dont want to believe it yet, but reality is creeping up on you, untill you get to the 4th story where you can clearly see a large puddle of bordeaux blood; crusted to the marble staircase. horror is fighting its way up your spine and breaks through when you see the guy above the puddle; hanging from the ceiling by his feet, head down & throat slit.

The written version is slightly more expansive, the feelings of horror and dread have been added during this writing. About when I came to the 3rd floor he asked .. Did you actually see something like that? 🙂 I guess my story was quite convincing 🙂 I’m ready for some DnD!

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