open tabs

stuff I thought about lately but didnt have the time to ACT upon..

Programming languages that melt your brain
is a super cool post about Evil languages 🙂 Gotta love evil languages.. Although to be honest .. thats even too nerdy for your regular street nerd 😉 hehe

The register recently published a Computer Field Guide for those of you that lost the way between the ultrathin & the netbook 🙂 (that means most of us..)

Gracefull UPS shutdown is an article I appreciated because I plan on an UPS for the server section in the basement. All the IT stuff.. to ensure a graceful shutdown in dire times.. I’m really going for a No data loss; Ultimate reliability solution here 😉 Gotta love the apcupsd project!

And finally – have YOU ever demanded a refund for that unused windows crap software you bought with your hardware? You Should!

so yeah! all that!

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