newest plugins

Installing plugins in Worpress is really lovely. Fast & Easy as hell. So here s the new ones 🙂

The people behind these plugins are a bit annoying when it comes to linking to their project pages though.. I can understand the sentiment and I would gladly put a link on my links page; but they dont provide an option to do that. No problem; but what they DO provide are obnoxious opions where you get a plethora of links in your posts and on all places whatever (except in the link system.) And again on itself thats not that bad either; but just consider this on a bigger scale.. Most people will easilly have more than 5 plugins. A twitter one, an SEO tool, some extra options for comments, .. You ll quickly have 5; most people ll probably have more.
Now if every one of those plugins puts a (well deserved) link on the end of each post, you ll quickly have more links at the end of each post than content.

Thanks for the great plugins, please provide a decent way to link thank you..

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