8 thoughts on “If only society d accept it

    1. Well, a Sleeve 🙂

      complete arm tattoos
      If someone “has a sleeve”, “has sleeves”, or “is sleeved”, it means that their entire arm, or leg, is tattooed, generally with a coherent single piece

      A nice example would be the singer of Walls of Jericho:

      But society generally does NOT look kindly upon that.. Although it can be incredibly beautiful! And certainly not in the service business (ex IT)


    1. My point exactly.
      For your friend not to be hampered by his tattoos, he needs to be able to look as if he hasn’t got any. And this very comment throws the blame to my side for not wanting abide by the “cover them” rules instead of with society that demands me to cover them.


    1. true, but I dont want to be rebellious; I just want to be pretty 🙂 And I begrudge society for not allowing me to. Making me choose between making a living in what I’m good at and being pretty.

      Whats a man if he isnt the master of even his own body..


  1. But you are the master of your own body. Every action has consequences, but you are still free to make you own choices about your body. And to choose a nice work-from-home job, another employer, or simply wear long sleeves to work ;).


    1. thats all true indeed 🙂 But what this post is about, is that sociecty forces me to choose between that certain employer, wearing long sleeves, .. and getting lots of tats all over. Just what you re telling me – except that I do not accept those limitations!


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