5 year blog aniversary

I apparently missed my 5 year blog aniversary. I started blogging Sunday, February 22, 2004 – so last february was my 5 years o blogging aniversary! Weird. I kinda planned to do something..

I guess I’ll do something special for my 10 years aniversary šŸ™‚ ehe

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2 thoughts on “5 year blog aniversary

  1. What about year 2006? I see no achives for that year. I had fun reading of your older stuff but I just wondered if you had an extended wintersleep in 2006


    1. Temporarilly offline due to a plugin I wasnt able to decently upgrade into the new version; but I’ll fix that some time soon – they re in the database, WP just doesnt show them.

      Although I dont really advise reading the older stuff šŸ™‚ hhe


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