I had to jump through a few hoops & only managed to order thanks to Cami; but the DnD 3.5 books have been ordered & I can start preparations for our new DnD campaign 🙂 Nice touch – the books will be leather bound editions 🙂 Quite chique no 😉 I had little choice in the matter for the Dungeon Master Guide anyways..

I’m happy!
& tnx again, Camille 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Hoops!

  1. Lol, like a bloodhound on the trail 😉 I got them from Amazon; second hand.. DMG leather, Players leather, Players regular. But only because the second hand were cheaper than the new ones at the time, which really depends on when you check, might be the new ones from external sellers are cheaper now.. (Some actually were when I checked just now) I ordered those 3 yesterday from a seller in france.. (you have to check if that individual seller ships internationally though :/)

    You should get a gravatar though :p


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