The more I think about it, the more I want it 🙂 Most of all for the magazines! I d just love to read De Standaard and Knack on there. Its a lot friendlier to the environment than all that paper you just end up throwing in the trash anyway! Hot damn! I’d immediately take an abbo on those two!

Sadly, I dont see myself getting the kindle. Its US only; its too expensive; its got no wifi, its too closed, I want to be able to copy books and documents onto it, I want it to support simple native .pdf, …………….

That being said, When they solve those problems, I’ll eagerly get myself a Kindle 😀 And untill then, I’ll get myself a jummy netbook to do part of what I d use the Kindle for. Most of all; to not have to lug my Dell around.. (although I DO love that laptop, I really wouldnt take it out that much in the evening if I had a netbook)

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