Underworld 3 – Rise of the Lycans

I just went over the IMDB page & discovered its a prequel, so a medieval times type of movie.

I’m glad I discovered this BEFORE paying money for it in the cinema. I’ve come to expect techno vampire/werewolf thrillers from the series, so I dont really feel like seeing another castles/swords type of movie.. Its a pitty, since I was looking forward to a new adventure set in that universe..

Then again, considering the respect Holywood has for its consumers and the fact they only care about the gain at the end of the line.. the movie would probably ‘ve stunk anyway. They only care about Profit & have very simple budget planning..

Income = Spectators.
Spectators = Actors + Script + Expectations + Advertisement
Cost = Fixed costs + Actors + Script + Advertisement
Profit = Income – Cost

Now, to maximize profit, we ‘ll be minimizing the costs, while keeping the spectators up. So in the “Spectators = Cost + Expectations” equation, we can see that .. the higher the expectations, the lower the expenses they need to make to guarantee spectatorship. Thus actually confirming that almost any sequel will be Utter CRAP 🙂 (with offcourse some exceptions where the equation isnt all that simple..) This is offcourse but a simple attempt at economy & as such forgive me the many holes in the theory. As such it should only be regarded in spirit instead of its mathematical value 😉

And UW3 is probably worth while.. (before the RIAA decides to sue me for using the name of the film in a negative comment upon it and them!) Now if its worth the €10 on the silver screen or €25 on dvd is nothing else that a bet on a mad horse! (You can be sure it ll run fast, but no way of tellin in which direction)

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