Fraggings – oA & WoP

I had some openArena fun tonight, mostly single player though..

& we gave World of Padman a (multiplayer) whirl..
WoP is really great 🙂 Although the first time, my head was spinning from a color overdose after about 10 minutes.. I also dont really like the weapon config. I still have to find my way around & I have to admit to not really liking the rocket launcher.. the rockets are even slower than in other games, rendering it quite useless :s I love the water gun though & the fact that it leaves lil patches of ice 😉
The tag your collor game was surprising too.. Took us a while to figure what was going on, but its a worth while game concept!
Wop is worth a try! If only for the amazing levels and the astonishing level of detail therein. We spent the first few minutes just admiring each level, checking out the dvd collection, diving through the pond, discovering the different posters, .. Its a game worth mentioning.
A game that shows whats possible with the Q3 engine! & a pitty that it isnt available in the standard ubuntu repos!

Great fun 😉

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