Rude Comment

Apparently the people at the Technical University at Brunswick aren’t technical enough to use google nor polite enough to make a decent comment. The insult and my ensuing reply however made me realize I had a (common) typo in the (actually quite insignificant) blog post.. The project is spelled KatMouse instead of CatMouse but since we ‘ve all heard about it on Security now, noone realizes the weird spelling in cat.

You can check the comment & my reply And my correction to the post at my “Windows – CatMouse” post.

Now if he d only asked me politely to point him towards the project instead of going off like that .. we d all have felt a lot better. And he d have been helped, because I answered & updated but he ll never know because he wasn’t smart enough to leave an actual email address behind. But he WAS smart enough to make a rude comment. Goes to tell I guess..

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