2009 Oscar Opening~Hugh Jackman


and later on (The first few minutes are missing here, but I guess there ll be high res & full movies up soon enough)

What an Incredible & Impressive performance!! Thats Entertainment 🙂

Or maybe we wont see it.. “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by AMPAS Oscars. ” And that is what is wrong with the whole industry. It attracts some of the most talented people to what is the epicenter of today movies.. but their attitude is SO ROTTEN .. They re completely out of touch with their clientèle and even modern society!
Although I love a lot of what they produce and am honestly Amazed at the 2 performances I tried to post just yet, but they re shooting themselves in the foot and if it takes the Big Movie Machine to crash & go to shambles for that needed change in mentality to finally happen .. it d be worth it!

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