I’m quite disgusted at facebook

Its fun n all, finding lots of people again over the interwebs.

One hand I sometimes reconnect with people who sorely disappointed me. I cant personally handle those just yet.
On the other I sometimes get requests that make me wonder what the thing is all about. Friends or people I connected with. Should I “add” someone I’m disgusted with? That I loathe!

Things like that make me wonder if I shouldnt just delete the whole crap.


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One thought on “I’m quite disgusted at facebook

  1. Yes, delete it. But, not because of a person or people that you dislike. I mean, if it weren’t for that person, would you like Facebook? If that’s the case, don’t accept the person and move on with life.

    However, Facebook is a huge waste of time. I deleted my account about 5 months ago and couldn’t feel happier, more free and actually I communicate and go out with my friends a whole hell of a lot more. FB is straight politics and fake BS. Seriously, people on there spend a long time thinking about and tweaking their profiles so that they can appear witty, cute, happy and desirable. It’s quite sad really. Give me real, nuanced communication any day of the week. Catch me on Twitter, my phone, in person, or via email. Oh and if you wanna see my photo albums – good luck – we have to be real friends in the present day for that. Not friends from 1997. Not friends of friends. Not someone I met at a party. No, I really do have to know you for that.

    Best of luck. If something is causing more negative feelings than its worth, than move on a find what makes you happy.


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