Disk Space

I have a problem. I have a certain amount of disk space. But its running out. I’m at a mere 45Gb of free space on the ol’ server. & counting. So I guess its time for the great cleanup. & after that its time for the other great cleanup.(the living) & then its time for the Humongous (garage) cleanup, but I’m not sure that ll get done today..

SO, the great cleanup. I’m sorting through my backups & data, deleting obsolete crap. And thinking about a new logical way to organise things. Because right now, after the months of crap (or just using it) its One Big MESS!

I already drew out a Raid5 plan to set me right for a few years. (that means 2 & thats optimistic really)

Deleting crap like 3 year old last minute windows backups before a reinstall & crap like that. Thing is, its not like that ll really make such a big a dent..

Deleting those ancient database backups might though.. And that ll need to change anyway because I’ll have the soekris do those backups soon.. It used to backup on power down, but .. since I now have a 24/7 serv, I can just have it backup at night πŸ™‚

Downloading Bio’s last blob from rapidshare .. STILL! More than an hour for 100MB? Thats not “Rapidshare”, thats “early 90s internet modem style share”! Anyone wondering about the thing behind that last post? Wel THIS! & not lets just hope the data didnt corrupt underway. Did I mention I cant wget that crap because I dont pay for some crap account? So no downloading ONTO MY DOWNLOAD Soekris BOX! Crap!

After the most Huge Humongous effort, I just realized 73 Gb total free space. I guess that ll keep us afloat for a short while longer.


.. well no, actually I still have a whole blob of Important data on my external HD; I dont DO external HD. External HD is data waiting to get lost. I havent had it happen myself, so that might be prejudiced.. Kaishi had lot of those problems over the years. And the shit he had; I dont trust that external crap.

I’m going to do some clean up now – real life stuff, not data – and think what the fuck I can do to solve this! Make a plan πŸ˜‰ or rather .. Put times & dates on my plan πŸ™‚ hehe

After a short count.. I’m down to 30Gb of Critical data. No backups though.. My work HD is 100GB so add 200 Gb of those backups too.. Then Vi’s backups.. Would building a new multi terrabyte fileserver, and building the old fileserver into a light backup server be over the top? And power it up once a week to synchronise that data onto another physical machine. It d work πŸ™‚

That d mean 3 servers.. A soekris router gateway whatnot thing, a heavy fileserver and a light backup server πŸ™‚

Would that be over the top?? – I keep editing this πŸ™‚

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