Electric Light Orchestra – Mr Blue Sky

Heard it on StuBru, it was someone’s selection & she choose it because it makes her happy. Well, it makes ME happy too 🙂 I just LOVE this song 🙂 (though it somehow reminds me of The Beatles)

I had an amazing song on my mind yesterday night. I looked for it & found it on youtube but only after a lot of effort & several “unavailable in your country” and “removed by takedown notice” messages on the way. Which is in the end quite stupid. Because – as I posted this song here – I was about to post the song on my blog. Which is in the end good for them. People thinking about the song, maybe finally finding out who the song is by and finally being able to buy the album on Amazon or whatever! Slightly rosy outlook maybe, but still.. It could ‘ve been a “free” ad for their music!
And those peeps disallowing embedding make even less sense to me..

Then again, I’m no “content owner” either 😉

Waah! Super 😀

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