Steal This Film 2.5

Stop! Start downloading it now, you ll thank me later! (and yes, its legal *rolleyes*)

I’m watching Steal this film 2.5 The Trial Edition.. and its a very interesting documentary. It makes a lot of good points and really puts some things into perspective. Touches on what I meant in my “Finally!” (UK Government Abandons Piracy Legislation) post earlier..

Also, I was wondering if the whole pirate bay trial was put up under pressure of the USA. And in the documentary they actually tell us that much 🙂 Apparently the USA actually threatened with WTO sanctions for Sweden. This makes a lot of sense if you realize who is losing the money here.. Hollywood is in the USA, Hollywood pays takes, Hollywood generates a whole lot of work and an obscene moneyflow INTO the land .. Its logical they try to defend their income. I’m curious what percentage of American export is media. So lets not just yell Lobbyists! Lobbyists! Lobbyists! here 🙂 But – and lets set this clear – this does NOT make it Right!

Also, there s an Ubercool piece of footage in there with the pirate bay servers in the early days 🙂 Its a funny heap of servers & computers, thrown together & strewn around.. cool 🙂

I’m curious how the trial will turn out 🙂 We all need to hope for the best. For the sake of progress and finally adjusting the law to the prevalent mentality within the population. Sadly, considering the potential consequences, the people whose interests are at stake .. they will pull out every trick in the box.

And to be honest .. we all need to hope for a fair trail.
& hope hard!

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