The Merry Pirates?

I had no clue the Pirate bay is going the Merry Prankster way 🙂

Pirate Bay Bus S23K Brings Media Circus to Stockholm Trial reminds me a Whole lot of the Pranksters (Wiki) bus trip in 1964 as described in Tom Wolfes Electric Cool-aid Acid Test!

Cool concept 🙂 Good way to get it in the media even more! Quite the adventure too I’d recon.. Taking some time off & driving around in that bus on a wild adventure. Or maybe it wont be that much like the Pranksters bus. Next we need someone to write “The Electric Cool-aid Piracy Test” 🙂

I dont think they had this connection in mind when starting the tour though. Associating their cause with historic drug fiends isnt what anyone would prefer to do.

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