This morning I left 20 minutes earlier

in an attempt to .. you know .. start work earlier!

However, this just turned out to be 15 minutes more trafic jam! Sad but true..

SO; 20 minutes earlier .. 5 minutes gain.
I’m wondering what 40 minutes ll mean.. 7,5 minutes gain? I might know tomorrow morning!

And now for the dreaded hellride home.. At least the Car people were able to tell me I’ll have my car back the 20th.. Thats Friday. I’ll call them tomorrow to make sure I will because if I dont, it d be rather problematic for the weekend plans :/ And also.. I’d think 47 days should be enough to repair my sodden car! (I need a name for my car.. so I can say “The Tank” or .. “Betsy” or .. Haven though of anything cool yet though 😦 Then again, its not really that cool to name a car anyway.. *confused*)

Hmm Oraia!

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