lil’ tin can

I loathe the idea of getting into that tin can they care call a “car” for another 40 minutes drive. Once again, I dont mind the drive, I mind the “car”. I know already that after 10 minutes in there, I’ll start aching all over, which will have me shaking in frustration by the time I get home; forcing me to shillax down for at least 30 minutes before the shaking resides.

Monday I shall get my car back. I dont care who I have to threaten or mame, but by god, I’ll have my car!

I sent an email to the car lady this morning, foolishly hoping for a swift answer, then hoping for an answer before noon, then just .. today .. and by now I’ve given up. I’ll call the lease people myself on Monday & there will be hell to pay!

What kind of a lenient sucker am I anyway, patiently and understandingly waiting untill I hear from them. Being friendly & patient only gets you fucked over & I have experienced that time and again.

Monday there will be hell to pay!

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