a FOUL mood

I left work & all was fine

then, a gruesome 40 minutes in that awfull little car .. My back feels like shit & my mood is even worse

then I discovered more telenet & ING car lease shit in my mailbox. ING is going insane, they re sending me letters dated a month earlier telling me to send in documents they confirmed recieving end of january. Now being half february, this does NOT make me a happy camper!

the fon wiki doesnt work properly & there is no pattern to be found on how to connect, except by luck & me not waiting by the computer. This IRKS me!

I sat down for dinner, minding my cheese from the two lightningfast cats keeping my company. I had missed a call & started to return it (important shit) when the door bell rang. I decided to open, hoping the cats wouldnt eat my cheese & trying to have a conversation on the phone. This did not enhance my mood in the slightest

then the person told me he had slightly bumped my car but no damage was done.. Since I m sick & tired of that car, the repairs of the tank having taken over a month now, I was not glad at any grief when finally dumping that piece of shit back where it belongs, anywhere else but with me! Luckilly no damage was found.

I’m in a murderously foul mood now.

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