The KDE Experience..

SO, all day long, I’ll be spewing my gall here.. (this is a quick reformat of the notes into something readable.. An immense amount of typos is to be expected ;))

  • I dont know what the shortcut is to switch my desktop. Thats annoying. (ah, CTRL+F* .. damned thats hard on my fingers)
  • The CTRL-F8 for the desktop wall is an annoying combination. The effect is slow too.. Though I’ll reboot over noon, maybe that ll solve shit
  • There s all sorts of WEIRD graphic glitches

I should at this time point out that I’m going at this the “user” way. I am sure all of these are solvable.. but I need to work right now, not fix that stuff! I guess this is what Windows users experience when they get dumped on a linux. Interesting – lets keep that in mind :s

  • The menu is annoying. The alternative is Fugly!
  • Pidgin doesnt go to the tray when I close the main window. I did this 4 times before I realised that was the reason why my pidgin disappeared. I was starting to wonder about crashes..
  • The icons are quite slick 🙂 Slick is good 🙂
  • omg – when I make a new panel, it does so on top of the old one.. THATS not cool!
  • Sloow! I click on a folder in the desktop widget – I wait.. a lil longer .. some more .. even longer .. ah! Bouncing cursor, something s happening .. … wait some more .. Dolphin appears! (whats with that anyway.. weird thing!) Oh & my mp3 playback stutters while this is happening. This is a disgrace on my sleek, recent Dell Lattitude D630. I can run several parallell windows & linux virtual machines, but KDE cant open a file dialog??
  • And why is that bar showing ALL the windows instead of only those on the desktop! I adjusted that
  • Also, how do I get any widget ON that Plasma Dashbord thing? It just goes to the usual desktop..
  • I now really get where Vista got their Ideas..
  • The widget filosophy is apparently “Dump Any Junk On Your Desktop” and pop it on top using the Plasma desktop. .. figures..

I’m really getting annoyed at the prevalent “We need some bar to stick to any side of the screen” philosophy. I want some of that functionality, those widgets.. in a square box.. that might float or whatever – and by whatever I mean I want the options & decide it myself as I go – and NOstoopid bar!

  • KDE Dolphin is plain Ugly. Dolphins are pretty animals.. This doesnt fit. & whats with the ugliness, on a WM that has an undeniable focus on being Sleek & all that
  • I heard KDE was all about options & having it all act YOUR way.. Havent seen much of that so far!
  • AH! I just managed to rearange some of the shit.. Its nearing what I just described earler. Still wont do though
  • Apparently I cant drag n drop stuff into amarok from Dolphin.  Whow
  • Amarok does seem to have its positive sides too.. I guess
  • Lol – the floating pager with window icons does have an Enlightenment feel to it. E is still my fav WM in terms of usability!
  • Even webpages are fugly! I wouldnt be able to use KDE tomorrow when I have to do some layout work on the pages..

Maybe things will be beter after lunch & a reboot! Althoug I’m definately considering ending my KDE day early & making it a 1/2 KDE day!

  • After booting, the whole placement of the plasmoids was reset. they were all on a buch somewhere. Making the whole thing SO unreliable, as to be unworkable. So was te bar by the way. And some icons (amongst others the menu icon) had dissapeared. Oh; they also resized.
  • Oh & I wasnt able to prove the above with screenshots because the “prntscrn” doesnt work apparently

Luckilly, removing KDE is as simple as

sudo apt-get remove adept adept-batch adept-common adept-installer adept-manager adept-notifier adept-updater akregator amarok amarok-xine apport-qt ark arts debtags digikam dolphin enscript fftw3 foomatic-db-gutenprint gdebi-kde gnupg-agent gpgsm gtk-qt-engine gwenview hplip-gui hwdb-client-kde ijsgutenprint k3b kaddressbook kaffeine kaffeine-xine kamera karm katapult kate kbstate kcontrol kcron kde-guidance kde-guidance-powermanager kde-icons-mono kde-style-polyester kde-systemsettings kdeadmin-kfile-plugins kdebase-bin kdebase-data kdebase-kio-plugins kdebluetooth kdegraphics-kfile-plugins kdelibs-data kdelibs4c2a kdemultimedia-kfile-plugins kdemultimedia-kio-plugins kdenetwork-filesharing kdenetwork-kfile-plugins kdepasswd kdepim-kio-plugins kdepim-kresources kdepim-wizards kdeprint kdesktop kdesudo kdm kdnssd keep kfind kghostview khelpcenter kicker kio-apt kio-locate kio-umountwrapper kipi-plugins klipper kmag kmail kmailcvt kmenuedit kmilo kmix kmousetool kmplayer-base kmplayer-konq-plugins knetworkconf knotes konq-plugins konqueror konqueror-nsplugins konsole kontact konversation kooka kopete korganizer kpdf kpf kppp krdc krfb kscreensaver ksmserver ksnapshot ksplash ksplash-engine-moodin ksvg ksysguard ksysguardd ksystemlog ktorrent kubuntu-artwork-usplash kubuntu-default-settings kubuntu-desktop kubuntu-docs kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts kvkbd kwalletmanager kwin kwin-style-crystal language-selector-qt libakode2 libarts1-akode libarts1c2a libartsc0 libaudio2 libavahi-qt3-1 libclucene0 libcluceneindex0 libdbus-qt-1-1c2 libept0 libexiv2-0 libflac++6 libgmp3c2 libgpgme11 libid3tag0 libifp4 libijs-0.35 libimlib2 libjpeg-progs libk3b2 libkbluetooth0 libkcal2b libkcddb1 libkdcraw1 libkdepim1a libkexiv2-1 libkipi0 libkleopatra1 libkmime2 libkonq4 libkpimexchange1 libkpimidentities1 libksba8 libkscan1 libksieve0 libktnef1 liblua50 liblualib50 libmimelib1c2a libmodplug0c2 libmpcdec3 libmysqlclient15off libnjb5 libofa0 libopenexr2c2a libopenobex1 libpoppler-qt2 libpq5 libpth20 libpulse0 libpythonize0 libqt-perl libqt3-mt libqt4-core libqt4-gui librsync1 libruby1.8 libsamplerate0 libsearchclient0 libskim0 libsmokeqt1 libstreamanalyzer0 libstreams0 libstrigihtmlgui0 libtunepimp5 libungif4g libxapian15 libxcb-shape0 libxcb-shm0 libxcb-xv0 libxcb1 libxine1 libxvmc1 mysql-common network-manager-kde networkstatus perl-suid pinentry-qt poster psutils pykdeextensions python-kde3 python-qt3 python-qt4 python-qt4-dbus python-sip4 python2.5-dev qca-tls rdiff-backup restricted-manager-kde ruby ruby1.8 scim-qtimm skim software-properties-kde speedcrunch strigi-applet strigi-daemon &&

:s I’m just SURE that ll remove more than I want it to :/

  • Some fonts are weird ; others look better
  • its still slooow after the reboot. Though maybe slightly better
  • Tomboy looks Awfull!
  • The frequent Immense blue amarok track info bar is getting on my nerves
  • I finally gave up & re-configured the shortcuts!
  • oh  – another nice one.. The power button IMMEDIATELY reboots. No confirmation or whatever. Fun if you re used to Gnomes neat “whatchawannado” menu
  • KDE does look more aesthetic than Gnome.. More impressive at first sight.
  • The amarok OSD thing (the aforementioed blue bar) could be interesting, though the fact that when it appears over where I’m typing, the bar doesnt turn out to be transparant, but just to have a screenshot of the underlaying area. So I cant see what I’ve typed untill the bar dissapears!
  • Annoying artifacts on the screen while switching windows – did I mention that being slow by the way?
  • The Amarok OSD is very nice when listening to Shoutcast stuff.. The frequent popup with commercial information.. Enough to drive a man insane within minutes!
  • Lemme just be hones, the OSD is enough to drive me mad at normal listening rates too.. But I’d really Like to like it!! :/

Today was tough.. I dont like KDE. I d like to like KDE.. but I just dont. Too much rough edges! Too much shit around. I bid KDE farewell for the time being!

If anything is to come from this post .. I d like the panel bars in gnome & KDE to be malleable into a floating square somewhere, with the toggle-able options to fade away, be on top, limit windows, to be brought up with a shortcut or whatever .. MORE options than just the current panel bars!

Also, be sure to understand this is just a compiled list of whatever shit annoyed me during the day. Not any in depth comment or whatever, just spewing some! So I dont want too elaborate flames on this 😉 Allthough reactions are, as always, encouraged!

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