After – once again – growing frustrated at Gnome.. I have installed KDE and will try KDE today. The whole day. So no Gnome today! Not even when I’m about to throw the damned thing out of a window.

KDE is already frustrating me. Is feels slow & bloated. Probably just prejudice though.. Or so I hope :/

KDE day!

Published by Gert


3 thoughts on “KDE Day

  1. Slower? Strange, I had the opposite experience that KDE 4.2 ran much faster than both Gnome and 3.x…

    Bloated, yeah, though it’s better than the 3.x series.


  2. yeah, ist an adventure.. & not a fun one so far :/
    Maybe things will go better after Ive had lunch

    & I might try the other ones but those didnt cut it either last time I used them.


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