Fosdem was cool

but now I’m spent.. I’m off to bed.

Though.. I saw the SELinux talk, the syslinux talk & the ext4 talk. All very interesting, though I was most impressed by the later two.. Syslinux is a project I’ll give some attention to real soon & as for ext4 .. I’m reinstalling my pc soon & I ‘m sad ext4 is not yet standard in the current ubuntu installer..

I’m hoping they put the videos online soon too because there are some talks I misses that I would like to watch in the privy of my own home (& thats not a typo 😉 hehe) The “Cobbler & Koan” talk, some lightning talks, ..

But I slept awfull tonight, I lost my frackin ebay auction (I missed out on a lot of 13 1st print Ravenloft novels :(( I wont have a chance like that anytime soon :/) and we closed a door so carouso couldt go where he should be able to, causing a lot of blergh too! Off to blisfull sleep 🙂

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