LiveCD tailored USB

As I mentioned in the last post, I wrote an autorun enabling me at least some use of the live CD as it were a normal desktop.. Its crude.. but it does the job

I put in some extra comment in the post though..
# The file sits in the root, but I dont want the data there, so I keep them in a “home” map on the usb..
cd home

# First, we link the maps & files in the map to the systems home directory. Removing the original files first, because the ln -f option doesnt work on directories.. And those are what its all about in the end..
#Also, since in my case, I have hidden directories & no directory contains spaces, I can use ls to get the list.. If any file or directory contains a space in its name, this will fail. You should just use “*” instead of $(ls) .
for file in $( ls -A1 )
rm -rf ~/$file
ln -sf “$( pwd )/$file” ~/.

#Then I want my gnome panel & backrgound to be set. So I have some .xml files with setting that should be loaded.. These files are simply generated trough “gconftool /apps/panel –dump > panel.xml” You can find out what to dump using the gconf-editor ..
for file in *xml
gconftool –load $file

# Since we want to reconfigure the gnome panel, we need to reset it..
killall gnome-panel

# To finish, I want to auto load some crap.. nevermind 😉
pidgin &
firefox-3.0 &
tomboy &

The home map contains the following..

bin Some custom scripts reside here
Desktop My desktop map
gnome-settings.xml contains the background info amongst others
.mozilla Sessions & passwords here
panel-settings.xml contains the panel settings the way I like em
.purple chat accounts & logs.. all important – lol
.ssh SSH settings!! Perhaps THE most important map..
.tomboy My precious notes
Weeds_Official.png The delicious background image!! 😀

Now you might be wondering why I just link the whole users home dir instead of linking maps & files inside it .. well; because! 🙂

GOD I’ll be glad when the HD arrives on monday :/

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