Windows – Catmouse

Its funny when people praise software for bringing usability to windows .. And when this software – actually does something that you re SO used to under Linux/Gnome..

Its “yeah, we ve got that & cant believe you need an extrnal program for that” all over again šŸ™‚

That being said.. Security now talked about Catmouse KatMouse today, software that enables you to use the scrollwheel on anything with a scroll bar and lets you scroll whatever your mouse is over.. & thats very handy! I use this regularly in Gnome!

Update: I see lots of people trying to find KatMouse end up here, unable to locate the project. This is because cat is written with a K instead of a C in the program name. I only realized the mistake after a rude comment by “Someone” (his/her Actual name apparently?) to this post, so please enjoy KatMouse at

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5 thoughts on “Windows – Catmouse

    1. How rude a comment.
      Also, I dont agree.. The source (Security now) is named and about the links.. There is enough data for a simple google search to yield the proper results. Let me put that to the test..
      I google KatMouse..
      and I google Security Now ..
      See? I really thought the people at the Technical University at Brunswick to be smart enough to use google or at least polite enough to leave a decent comment!
      I might add too that you didnt appropriately reference nor link yourself since there is a really high chance your name is not “Someone” nor is “” your email adress and you neglected to fill in the URL field.. But I guess there s a different standard to blog posts and comments?

      Now, what you were Really pissed of at, is the typo both you and I made. Its not CatMouse, but KatMouse (since you re german this shouldnt sound all that weird to you..) Now, since you ve proven yourself not to be beyond that typo I can hardly feel bad about it myself.. And since I easilly found out the mistake (Damned Google again) I feel my point about your comment still stands. I WILL however correct the spelling in the original post and for You .. I’ll even link it through so that you dont have to risk a new google search.


  1. Got sent here first after a cursory search for (K)catmouse.
    Thanks for the link etc, just felt the need to say thanks after seeing the hilarity left here by “someone” šŸ™‚


  2. Having listened to the podcast, I determined to look up this “catmouse” program. Unfortunately, I was unable to find it until serendipity brought me here.

    Thank you for including the incorrect spelling and the link to the program, or I would never have found it.


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