I’m quite peculiar about my Desktop experience

And thats one of the reasons why I actually prefer linux to the OS we shal not name..

Now, my box being broken.. the usb not starting & me being left to booting from CDs.. I’ve got the problem that I’m stuck with the vanilla config & the choice to reconfigure my personal settings at every boot. As a proper IT d00d, this is unacceptable 😀

So I went along & scripted me a solution 😀 An usb stick and a bash autorun.sh later.. I managed the following 😉 The live cd bitch starts & I insert the USB stick. The thing looks as follows..

From Misc

Do notice the gnome panels on top, below and their content.. One click on the run button & some slight patience later..

From Misc

With clean panel, a nice Nancy Botwin & Weeds background, my desktop (amongst others) linked to the USB disk, the pidgin data in place .. (I’ll post the script that does this later)

I’m quite content 🙂 Although the thing still IS driving me MAD! God I’ll be happy when UPS comes on monday!

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