Ubuntu – Make an USB startup disk

I need to reinstall Mini’s Acer Aspire one, so I’m checking out the “Make an USB startup disk” on my Ubuntu install.. I have some concerns though since I’m running a 64bit install & I need a 32bit usb boot.. :s But there s only one way to find out so ..

I opened the make an USB Startup disk program.. First surprise was that its in the Administrative part :s weird.. And that it requires root athentication.. Although it Is logical when you think of it.. The thing ll need lots of rights to configure the usb..

First step – select the iso! I was also surprised that the proggy requires me to have an iso or a CD.. On one hand .. why doesnt it duplicate the existing install.. in the other hand, thank god it doesnt because I need the 32 bit version 😉 Also – if the thing did it without a CD I’d probably need a wad of files on my system to accomodate the installer & .. well .. I dont really want those eating away at my disk 😉
And I always have Ubuntu ISOs near.. No really, I do.. I keep them on a disk ready for when I require them, together with my centos & whatnot isos 🙂

Next, insert the USB disk & Select it. It tells me if the disk has enough space & all that .. nice! I select the proper drive..

I also want 1.4Gb extra space reserved for files I might want to add. This question has me suspect that the thing will boot an ISO later on.. That would be nice.. I also suspect the install (iso?) will come to a slight 600Mb on the disk..

*Make Startup Disk*
This opens a “Copying Files” thingy with a bar filling up quite quickly.. Though this is probably dependent on the speed of your USB disk & interface..

A few minutes later ..

A lightbulb pops up telling me I may now revoot my computer with this thumb drive.. I wont thanks, but I will boot the other one! Cool 🙂 Quit!

On the drive I now see Wubi.exe, something we all know from the previous version & worked just fine..

gert@GenX:/media/UDISK PRO$ ls -1

And there s a casper-rw of 1.4 gb so thats where my files will be 🙂

casper-rw: Linux rev 1.0 ext3 filesystem data (large files)

Now lets have a look see at how it behaves when I actually BOOT it 😉


I get the traditional Ubuntu boot CD menu 🙂 Works fast, works like a glove! Cool 🙂 “Try ubuntu without any change to your computer” Its not about the trying, its about the rescueing 😉

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