From Linux to Windows

Changing from Windows to Linux, there were lots of things I liked much better in Linux. Now, whenever I’m on a windows machine, it drives me MAD for several reasons (one of the most blatant being the apparently crippled multitasking it offers. Maybe not crippled but definitely different from Linux & I like the linux way better!) The thing is though.. When I say “Whow, I like that better in Linux for that & that reason”, I’m being the classic converted linux zealot..

But its a totally different story when a habitual Linux user, who doesnt really know windows, gets shoved onto a Windows machine. Now THATS Different 🙂

And thats what the Linux in exile blog is all about 🙂

Someone thats been using linux for the last 10 years without even a whaft of Microsoft around him .. Jim Hall discovers Windows & blogs about it.

The honest likes (decently working sleep mode on low battery, ..) and dislikes (print screen, fonts, ..)

Its proving to be an Incredibly interesting read!

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