Each time I see my running processes

It irks me that mono is running. I love tomboy notes; the notes are a big part of my workflow. The facts I can easilly open them, backup them, wont lose them, .. and dont have to save them, all make the notes workflow important to my personal workflow..

Sadly, its a windows project and seeing that “mono /../tomboy/Tomboy.exe –panel-applet ..” each time really irks me! If there were a decent equivalent to tomboy..

On the other hand I shouldnt think like that! It works & there is no reason for paranoia. More available software is good & software that is available on both platforms is good for both the developpers (more availability), the people using it (less change when changing platforms) and in the end for linux.. (because you wont have to miss your beloved Tomboy!! Although not everyone agrees mono is positive. But I get the positives here since I shortly considered wrtiting mono myself to have my software available on both linux and windows. Didnt do so in the end because the project became absolete..)

Its just that I have a preconception about windows software 🙂 Windows & all on and around it is So Incredibly Unstable & Buggy! Why would I want to run buggy stuffs on that perfect Linux platform I routinely enjoy 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Each time I see my running processes

  1. Tomboy is not a Windows project. Check out the website:


    “Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application for Linux and Unix.”

    Because we develop it with Mono, it has been easy to port it to Windows and Mac (preview releases are currently available), but Tomboy was created by and for Linux users.

    I don’t think there are any user-oriented applications running on Mono that started anywhere but Linux. 🙂 Try to keep an open mind…


  2. hehe, first off, thanks for taking the time to reply!

    And as I tried to admit in my post .. I’m trying to go past my mono prejudice 🙂 Though I do have some friends who make a Strong point against the mono project.. (Check the link for a part of that)

    And I did realize that Tomboy is a native linux project; its just that after 20 years of microsoft, the .exe in my process list feels kinda Dirty.. 😉


  3. @Sandy
    It’s not about keeping an open mind. Mono embraces Microsoft’s .NET and is therefor vulnerable to each patent that applies to .NET.

    I think that it’s a bad idea to expose ourselves deliberatly to attacks from Redmond, that is unless you are Novell…


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