Hooray for Kronplatz 🙂

Its a wonderfull place to be and I have lots of fond memories there 🙂 Last time I was there .. I had my first air (with disastrous consequences – I apparently dont have any blogpostings on this – weird – i actually almost remember writing that one)  I found the image on my old Flicr account though 🙂

First Air

First Air
My First Air.. years ago on Kronplatz.. Needles to say I didnt land it as I should & had to quit for the day because of my tailbone.. DAMN that bitch HURT for months to come!
Uploaded by d4g3n0q on 3 May 05, 9.51PM CET.

We can all see where that one went wrong.. *sigh*
Anywho, I have lots of memories there.. It was pre 2004; With the whole family, so with both my mom & dad.. We met some lovely people there & had an overal great time. Next time I’m there ‘ll be undeniably weird & I’ll visit several places that will stirr up memories of a life now past. Of my father & of my mother. .. I miss them both. And I’m incredibly saddned by the fact that they didnt have the chance to live a full life.

Anywho, back to Kronplatz.. I was there twice if memory serves me right.. First just with the ‘rents & the second time I hooked up with some people I met there.. I dont even remember their names *blushes* .. *Goes through insanely long IM contact list* .. Evi! Thats her name, evi 🙂 She was fun to ride with.. Her friends were a lot better & she was more at my lvl, .. we had fun 🙂 It was her who took that picture too.. lol. .. Sigh, that was a painfull moment. All together; Lesson one – check the landing before you jump! Lesson two – for fucks sake, keep a decent stance when jumping.

Kronplatz was fun 🙂

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