The Soekris Diaries

After messing around with it for a while yesterday, I decided to do a reinstall.. The disk actually looked shot. Although I am not really sure & the facts of the matter are simply that it ll take me less time to reinstall the machine instead of getting access to the disk!

The soekris needs to get up ASAP since our DLink router died on me yesterday and came back alive several hours later. Thus enabling me to enjoy internet & whatnot for the time being; but I need to be able to replace the DLink ASAP since it might go out any moment and I want to be Ready!

Now, since the network setup isnt optimal at home right now, I had some problems. I cant sit where the wired internet is. I need a wired PXE server. And I need that PXE wired to my soekris & my soekris wired to the internet. And I need to connect the soekris to the Serial terminal.. So that d probably mean I d need to go sit on the ground in the cold & whatnot & .. Just plain no!

So, Remotely installing my Soekris πŸ™‚ & I came to a very functional setup!
Network: The PXE is connected to the soekris eth0; Soekris eth1 is connected to our home network.
Power: both the PXE serv & the soekris are powered by my sisctl usb controlled power block
The one to rule them all: The power block is controlled by my file server. (So I can power them up & down with a simple command) The Soekris serial tty is connected to the fileserver. And I have an external ssh port open, routed to my fileserver.

This means I can log into my fileserver from anywhere (using systems I already had into place earlier) trough ssh and then power the machines up & down (handy for hard rebooting the soekris when necessary) and use screen to get to my soekris terminal. Meaning .. I dont have to leave our comfy library to do anything about the installing of the wonderful Soekris πŸ™‚

And I’m installing a new ubuntu + ebox setup. Ebox + sisctl (maybe I’ll put that into an ebox module..) + torrentflux + samba + LAMP + .. Its a sweet setup & I’m looking forward to finalizing my home network. Everything in the basement, Soekris controlled fileserver power, several network cables to provide connectivity around the house and a wireless access point (tnx Tom for lending me ;))

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